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Flourless Chocolate CookiesBy DelphineousRich and fudgy, this gluten-free treat is delicious. Optionally add walnuts, hazelnuts, chocolate chips or caramel.
French Vanilla Bean Ice CreamBy DelphineousThis recipe started out as a textbook ice cream that Saphire learned in college, then modified to become a family favorite. For use in 2-quart ice cream machine.
Cinnamon Zucchini CakeBy DelphineousA delightful spin on the typical zucchini bread recipe, this recipe includes cinnamon and olive oil, making a moist, sweet and healthy treat.
Banana BreadBy DelphineousThis moist banana bread is a family recipe, tweaked through generations, delicious with and without chopped walnuts. The key is two-stage cooking and the riper the bananas, the better the bread.
New York CheesecakeBy DelphineousOne of the easiest New York style cheesecakes. Great topped with our Strawberry Compote.
Oatmeal CookiesBy DelphineousChewy and wholesome oatmeal cookies. Add 1.5 cups of dried fruit or butterscotch morsels, or .75 tsp ground ginger, for more fun.
Peanut Butter CookiesBy DelphineousThis simple recipe creates flavorful cookies, rich in peanut taste. Optionally, add chopped peanuts for a funner texture and more peanut flavor. Cookies will keep for about seven days when refrigerated in an airtight container.
No Bake CheesecakeBy DelphineousNot your traditional cheesecake. This no bake cheesecake is light and fluffy; flavored by your favorite gelatin. Complete preparation, including the chilling and setting, is about 12 to 16 hours.

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